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February 2018
Hi there!,

I hope you are well. I am pleased to be touching base with you all, battling timezone differences to the best of our abilities ;) 

I am very excited to be your main point of contact at Next Limit and I feel we can make 2018 even more successful than the last, thanks to some cool campaigns and upcoming, personalised marketing incentives. In the next update, we will have more information about our 20 Year Anniversary, in which we would love to have your participation.

As always, if you have any queries, please get in touch via your Portal or on the phone: +34 917 16 02 14.
BLOG: RealFlow Tips by The Xperts – Part 1

We are back with a series of posts that will contain some unmissable tips! These will be provided by the RealFlow Xperts.

BLOG: RealWave

A tool for the fast creation of huge ocean surfaces with believable waves. Find out more here.
BLOG: CG Danone Projects Making-of by Clip Studio
In this post you can check out two great examples of product design for advertising, both for Danone and by Maxwell expert users and friends from Clip Studio.
The Very First Maxwell TV Episode

Here is the recording of the very first Maxwell TV episode:
Learn how to create wet asphalt with puddles material and Mirče Mladenov. Stay tuned for episode two...

TUTORIAL: Theatrical Curtain - Caronte FX

Amazing tutorial available on our YouTube channel by our CaronteFX Xpert Guido Ponzini.
CaronteFX at White Nights 2018 in Prague

CaronteFX will be at White Nights 2018 in Prague from the 13th to 14th of February. Come and join us!  

Greetings from snowy Madrid,
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Next Limit Updates: February 2018 (영문)  
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