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디즈 2017. 12. 08 (13:04)
Polygon Cruncher 11.51 is online. Download & upgrade easily

Polygon Cruncher 11.51 is available online. There have been several intermediate version since our last newsletter and if you lost the thread, you'll get a chance to know the important changes since release 11.05, reading this newsletter.
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Polygon Cruncher 11.51 is online | December 2017
Here are the main changes for Polygon Cruncher 11.51 since our last newsletter:
  • Maya 2018 support. An important fix related to point tweaks has been provided for all other versions of the Maya plugin.
  • 3ds Max 2018 support. An important fix related to optimization update while animating has been provided for all other versions of the 3ds Max plugin.
  • Lightwave & Stand-Alone & Command line versions:
    • Polygon Cruncher is 30% faster on scene with multiple objects.
    • Better OpenGL performance.
    • MagicCruncher has been improved.
    • 3D file formats support ameliorations (Sketchup, FBX, Collada, Lightwave, STL, Modo...)
Go further with optimization
If your company have specific optimization needs or want to integrate decimation process in its data pipeline, then Polygon Cruncher SDK could be the answer.

Polygon Cruncher SDK is now available for Windows, MacOS, Linux. It is used in different fields of activities: augmented reality, architecture, CAO, game or software.
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Polygon Cruncher 11.51 - Goodies (영문)  
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