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Clayoo 2.6 for Rhino 6

Three Different Technologies inside Rhinoceros

Egg Chair made in Clayoo

Clayoo is now available for Rhino 6

The Clayoo Team announces the updated v2 of Clayoo to run on the 2018 recently launched Rhino 6. All you need to master the organic world inside Rhino.

Clayoo and Rhino6

What's new in Clayoo 2.6?

Rhino 6 compatibility + Gate Desktop App

Functionality-wise, Clayoo 2.6 is our v2.5 running on Rhino 6.0 (Check here the new Rhino tools). Our commitment is to make both versions the same but running on the two different Rhino versions.

Grasshopper components are fully integrated and some bugs have been fixed.

Check update notes.

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Gate Desktop App

Everything in one place

Welcome to the Desktop App, the "Gate" of the Future: the place to centralize everything related to your 3D Organic and Freeform modeling experience.

Now, store your products, run your Clayoo and find additional services such as the Online Library (Elements), Learning and Consultancy...

And more to come!

More info

Rhino 6.0 Upgrade + Clayoo 2.6 (Clayoo new seat)

Interested in Purchasing Clayoo 2.6?

- Latest Tutorials -

Sunglasses made in Clayoo

Glasses Tutorial

SubD Technology
(30 minutes)

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Egg Chair made in Clayoo

Egg Chair Tutorial

SubD Technology
(33 minutes)

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Clayoo SubD Tricycle

Become a Clayoo Master

Full Learning Resources

20 Online lessons in the introductory Online Course, dozens of videos by command and full video-tutorials, documentation at technical support available at our Premium Learn Portal to any new Clayoo user!

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Are you new to freeform for Rhino? Attend our Clayoo Weekly Webinar and discover why Clayoo has become a Rhino plug-in best-seller!

We highly recommend attending a live webinar so you can ask questions, however, we also have pre-recorded demonstrations available to watch anytime at our Learning Platform.

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Clayoo on Rhino 6 News (영문)  
2018/03/09 369