Now Available: Sapphire 11 and Continuum 11 (영문) 222
디즈 2017. 10. 26 (16:59)
Boris FX: New Product Launch, Sapphire 11 and Continuum 11

The Industry's Most Popular Plug-Ins
Add New Academy Award Caliber VFX Tools

Major new versions of your favorite VFX plug-in collections are now available! Learn more.

Now Available: Sapphire 11 with Mocha integration

What's New in Sapphire 11

The Essential Visual Effects Suite
Available for Adobe, Avid, Autodesk family & OFX hosts
including Resolve, Fusion, and NUKE
Learn more.  ●  Download a free trial.  ●  Buy now.

New! Integrated Mocha planar tracking & masking. Learn more.
New! 50+ Preset Effects & Transitions. Learn more.
New! Exclusive S_Mocha Spark for the Autodesk Family. Learn more.
New! Sapphire Units now available. Learn more.
Now Available: Continuum 11 with Primatte Studio

What's New in Continuum 11

The Most Complete Plug-in Toolkit
Available for Adobe and Avid hosts (Apple & OFX coming soon)
Learn more.  ●  Download a free trial.  ●  Buy now.

New! Primatte Studio keying & compositing. Learn more.
New! Broadcast Safe. Learn more.
New! VR Unit for 360/VR editing tasks. Learn more.
New! Title Studio improvements & 100+ new presets. Learn more.
Free Bonus Product Included! SonicFire Pro 6, the fastest way to customize music for film and video. (a $199 value) Learn more.

** Limited-time offer: The new VR Unit is included FREE with every purchase of Mocha VR, the award-winning 360/VR planar tracking and masking toolset. (a $199 value)** 
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Now Available: Sapphire 11 and Continuum 11 (영문)  
2017/10/26 222