Free Upgrade to KeyShot 7 (영문) 223
디즈 2017. 07. 18 (10:43)

Time is running out to upgrade your license of KeyShot! With a purchase of or an upgrade to KeyShot 6 today, save money and lock in a free upgrade to KeyShot 7.

Running KeyShot 4? This is your last chance for upgrade pricing, plus receiving KeyShot 7 free. All KeyShot 4 licenses will require a new purchase after the release of KeyShot 7.

Buy or Upgrade

This is a great opportunity to get up to date with all the speed and features available in KeyShot and ensure you receive a free upgrade to KeyShot 7 at release. See some of the new features coming to KeyShot 7.

The new cloudy plastic material in KeyShot 7 - Rendered by John Seymour

KeyShot 7 is our biggest release to date with more of what you love focused on making the 3D rendering process faster and more flexible while providing more possibilities, more control and more ways for you to create. New features include:

• KeyShot Configurator
• KeyShot Studios
• Environment List
• Multi-Materials
• New Material Types
• New Texture Mapping
• New Procedural Textures
• Integrated HDRI Editor
• Real-time VR Support
• Custom Workspaces
• Custom Hotkeys
• Unit-aware Settings
• All New Network Rendering
 and more!

Use the button above to browse upgrade options or contact your local reseller to take care of the upgrade for you. If you are unable to find your upgrade product, just contact or talk with your local reseller.

Free Upgrade to KeyShot 7 (영문)  
2017/07/18 223